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HarmoniaEX 1/2

harmonia polowka ukwieconaHigh class, innovative semicircular HarmoniaEX1/2 pot is dedicated to decorate the lanterns. The effect of embracing the lanterns appears after connecting two pots. Pots are providing perfect conditions for plant growth, and they are quickly creating the hanging flower bush effect. Pots can also be attached to the wall or bareer.


  • solid construction
  • durable materials
  • double bottom
  • water-permeable system
  • stable handle in any color
  • possibility of fitting handle to every size of lantern
  • low price
  • 3 years guarantee


Name Diameter
Optimal amountof
Amount of
peat substrate
Amount of
water reserve
HarmoniaEX 1/2  600  22 0,94 10  3,3 

HarmoniaEX 1/2 handles

Safety of walkers and tourists, easy to install and deinstall and aestethic look from the bottom – these are definitive advantages of our handles. They are galvanized, and after then powder coated with the color that fits to the lantern. Additionally, we use special tapes that prevents from scrathing the pole. Planted pots with flowers are heavy, that is why we invented easy way to install them – they have to be just putted from top into the handle which was attached earlier.

Depending on diameter of the pole, that we are planning to hang the HarmoniaEX1/2 pots on, we offer two types of solutions:

  • Handle for typical urban lanterns (40 – 250 mm) consists of two pots embracing the pole.
  • For lantern’s diameter above 250 mm we propose connecting three HarmoniaEX ½ pots on a special handle. This solution allows flowering places, where only big urban lantens are occuring.

Why HarmoniaEX are so special?