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Flower box Dalia

skrzynka tarasowa dalia system przelewowyFlower Box „Dalia” was invented for urban space, for example - attaching to the buildings. Urban conditions are often very hard to maintain the plants in pots. It’s because of irregular watering, drying plants exposed to the sun and wind. We took our proven solutions from HarmoniaEX pots and used them while creating Flower Box Dalia. They consist a hydrophonic inset, which is bareer for roots. We obtained double bottom and the water tank. Excess of the water is drained outside by the water-permeable system. To take care of the plants easier, we included water-meter that shows a water level in the box. Thanks to this solution we know if there’s a need to water the plants in this moment. Box has also a date-meter that allows marking the day and month of last watering or fertilizing.
There are four available colours of Flower Box Dalia: teracotta, brown, anthracite and green.


  • solid construction
  • durable materials
  • double bottom
  • water-permeable system
  • Water meter
  • Date-meter that allows marking the day and month of last watering or fertilizing
  • low price
  • 3 years guarantee


  1. Crate with stands to clip, installed on the bottom of the box
  2. Cavities in a crate for roots. While filling the box with peat substrate these cavities has to be tightly filled.
  3. Clipping elements (to crate in the box)
  4. Buckle – attached to the crate. It has to be detached and after then inserted into the holes on opposite edges on the top, to prevent deformations of the box by a peat substrate and roots pressure.
  5. Gutter for watering
  6. Gutter for water meter
  7. Water level index – shows the level of water reserve from 1,5 cm to 6 cm.
  8. Rod for supports installed on the bottom of box.
  9. Supports for regulate horizontal setting the box on the windowsill – 4 levels
  10. Handle to hang the box (not in the set, on sale separately)
Name Lenght
Amount of peat
Optimal amount of
Amount of
water reserve
Dalia 40 400  225 190 9,5 2 4,5
Dalia 60 600 225 190 13,0 3 6,0
Dalia 80 800 225 190 18,0 4 7,5
Dalia 100 1000 225 190 23,0 5 9,0


skrzynka tarasowa dalia wklad hydroponiczny skrzynka tarasowa dalia podwojne dno