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We prepare flower arrangements in our pots, flowerbeds, or even flower boxes – all in order. We are taking the orders from January to make arrangements ready in the early May.


Year by year our flowers are decorating many cities of Poland.

We take care about everything with our complex service. Read more in section services.


How it works?

You are choosing flowers and colors with help of our Gardener and Lanscape Architect, who will suggest you the best varietes of plants, adapted to urban conditions. You will receive the project of arrangement to accept, and then we will choose the best, high quality peat substrate and fertilizer. Our seedlings have guaranted health and vitality.


Flower arrangements are growing in greenhouse under our loving care. We send on demand photos up to date of growing plants, to make you feel calm and sure, that the final effect will be spectacular.


Flower arrangements:

projekty harmoniaex

projekty harmoniaex3


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Balcony flowers:

We are also specialized in planting heavy, urban pots.

(for example from concrete):

projekty harmoniaex2