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Lantern Pots

HarmoniaEX 1/2

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We offer a type of pots that provides unlimited possibilities of creating space, because they might be connected in plenty configurations and amounts, obtaining fast and spectacular effect. The most important thing is that they are adapted to difficult urban conditions.

Why the HarmoniaEX pots are so special?

Double bottom

HarmoniaEX  pots have a classical design, which fits to every space. Every pot contains a modern hydrophonic inset, which has water-permeable holes system (double bottom). There is a water tank below that is storing excess of water.

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Hydrophonic inset

Hydrophonic inset is a bareer that prevents from retention of roots in water and rotting. Accumulated water in the tank is rich in minerals and fully available for the root hairs. 12 a

Water-permeable system

To protect plants against inundation we applied the water-permeable system. In a case of overdosing the water, the system is draining excess of water outside. We even made sure that rounded edges will be safe and will not hurt sensitive parts of plants during wind, rain and even watering them. system przelewowy donice na latarnie ex

Attaching the HarmoniaEX

Attaching the pots is possibile with stable and solid handle, which is specially customized for size and type of lantern. These handles are galvanized, and after then, powder coated with any chosen color. We also use special tapes to prevent from scratching the pole. mocownie

Used materials

08 aHarmoniaEXHarmoniaEX pots are made of HDPE plastic. They are frost resistant, durable, and discoloration resistant. We offer four colours to choose: terracotta, brown, greek, anthracite.