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Flower box Gazonia

skrzynka tarasowa gazonia surfiniaFlower Box Gazonia, thanks to its size is a great alternative for concrete urban pots. Concrete pots offered by producers are very often without the drainage. It’s due to way of stable attaching them to sidewalk using the mortar. There is no place in this attaching system for drainage, so it’s popular that on the bottom of concrete box is a lot of water that makes mud, and the roots are rotting. Generally, the problem is noticed while the plants are dying – that’s too late to stop the rotting process. That’s why in our Flower Boxes Gazonia we took care of drainage system that drains the excess of the water outside.
skrzynka tarasowa gazoniaCultivating the plants in pots may be problematic because of leaching the minerals from peat substrate. There is a need to use a lot of compound fertilizer. Without it, plants will stop their growth and for sure will be unattractive. Flower Box Gazonia, thanks to its dimensions, may contain much more peat substrate than the others, similar boxes. Cultivated plants have more space for root growth and bigger absorbent surface. They will grow better, and larger.


  • solidne wykonanie
  • trwałe materiały
  • duże rozmiary
  • odpływ na dnie
  • 3 lata gwarancji


Name Lenght
Amount of 
peat substrate
Optimal amount of
Gazonia 60 600 310 275 50 6/3
Gazonia 80 800 385 335 100 8/4
Gazonia 100 1000 450 400 180 10/5